Medical Professional Umbrella Payroll Services

Helping medical professionals comply with new legislation and remain tax efficient

National Medical Professional umbrella payroll services 
We help Allied Health Professionals, Nurses Doctor's and all other professional contractors to be tax efficient and be complaint with IR35 legislation, want to learn more about IR35 - give us a call and we will talk you through it.

We have specialist personnel with many years’ experience working in the medical field – both private and NHS. They are dedicated to giving you all the advice you need to make the most of your tax status.

  • Tax planning and guidance
  • NI and income tax paid directly to HMRC
  • ICPA certified accounting practice
  • £10million – employers liability insurance
  • £5million – public liability insurance
  • Help with winding up your previous LTD company
  • £5million – medical malpractice insurance
  • P45, P60 and P11D production
  • Ongoing free advice and guidance
  • Statutory pension scheme option

Help with winding up your limited company
Many of our clients need help to wind up, or dissolve their current limited liability company status. We have a no-fuss, hassle-free way of dealing with it which is low cost and quick to implement. Our approach to all-things clients is to make their life as easy as possible, whilst ensuring they keep as much of their hard-earned cash possible. We would like to do the same for you.

If you need a straight-talking, fully qualified and exceptionally experienced accounting firm or medical payroll service, give us a call to book a FREE consultation. We have 100s of contractors use us every year – we must be doing something right.

To book a FREE no obligation consultation, call 01494 446567 today.