Self-assessment and Tax Return Services

G&S Accountancy says tax doesn’t have to be a pain in the…

Helping businesses in High Wycombe, London and Birmingham
We’ve all seen the adverts making a big deal out of tax not having to be taxing; but that’s small consolation for those who just want to get on and run their business. That’s why we go the extra mile to kill off the self-assessment headache.

  • Prices from just £12 per month
  • Full completion of self-assessment tax return
  • No problem handling chaotic filing systems
  • Non-existent profit and loss accounts welcome
  • Low pricing and free guidance as standard
  • Late filing and dealing with penalties a speciality
  • Expertise helping those who haven’t filed in years
  • Help with making tax digital
  • Experts at reducing tax liability
  • Stress reduction experts
  • Partnerships and company directors

We’ll take care of the lot
It’s simple. If you are the kind of person who keeps a monthly profit and loss, but have nightmares over the actual filing process, we’ll do that bit for you. Or if you just get completely overwhelmed by the whole thing, and tend to chuck receipts and invoices in your desk drawer, don’t worry.

We can take all of those annoying bits of paper and turn them into more profit. You’ll be safe in the knowledge that every single possible tax-deductible item will be accounted for and we’ll do the filling, filing and everything else on your behalf. Plus, our rates are so low, you’ll barely notice paying anything.

Pay less tax, sleep more soundly
The whole point of our service isn’t just to make your life easier. It’s to ensure that you keep as much of your hard-earned cash as you possibly can. We are experts at this, and we never use any sneaky tactics to reduce a tax bill. Our systems are fully compliant and designed to reduce the risk of a challenge from HMRC.

For a simple, headache-free approach to filing your annual self-assessment form, call 01494 446567 today.